Company Announcement from Julianne Miles, our CEO: 8 January 2024

Same Mission, New Identity: Women Returners becomes Career Returners

I’m very excited to announce that, today, we have changed our name from Women Returners to Career Returners!

The name change feels right to us. Our mission is to remove the career break penalty for all, not just women.

2024 is a big year for us as it marks our 10-year anniversary. It’s a decade since I co-founded Women Returners, with the huge goal of making career breaks a normal part of a 40-50 year career.

Extending our Free Support to All Returners

In the main, our name is catching up with what we’re already doing. The new name, Career Returners, better reflects who we’re already helping – a broad community of professionals who’ve taken career breaks of 1 to 20+ years for childcare, eldercare, health or other reasons:

  • The returner programmes we have run in partnership with over 170 employers since 2014 have always welcomed returning professionals of all genders
  • Our coaching programme has always been the Career Returners Coaching Programme
  • Our podcast has always been the Career Returners Podcast
  • Our recent Government return-to-work programmes have been targeted at all returning parents and carers

There is one significant change we are making to become more inclusive. We’re opening up our Women Returners Professional Network to become the Career Returners Professional Network, extending our free-of-charge support to all professionals who have taken an extended career break.

10 years on, the world is slowly changing and we are moving step-by-step towards a greater acceptance of career breaks for all genders. However it’s still the case that the vast majority of career returners are women. So we will continue to run some women-only webinars and events, including our annual Back to Your Future Conference, which will continue as a powerful forum for women supporting women.

Switching Women Returners to Career Returners

In line with our new name, we have moved our website from to

We have changed our name and user handles across our social media channels. The accounts themselves remain the same, so no action is needed from you if you’re already following us:

Our legal entity remains Women Returners Ltd and (for now at least) our emails will also remain in the format

We are very proud that, in our first decade, we have enabled over 3,000 returners to get back to work via our returner programmes, and have supported well over 10,000 returners through our free network (currently with over 9,000 members) and our social media groups.

We’re looking forward to making our support services even more inclusive, to benefit many thousands more career returners over our next decade!

Julianne and the Career Returners Team