Career Returners Coaching Programme

The Career Returners coaching programme has been invaluable. It provided me with a structured framework to navigate the challenges of returning to work, from updating my skills and resume to acclimatising to the modern workplace. What I most appreciated was the emphasis on holistic development. Beyond just focusing on professional skills, the programme also addressed personal growth and well-being, ensuring that I felt confident and empowered in all aspects of my life. Thanks to the coaching, I not only successfully re-entered the workforce but also gained a newfound sense of confidence and direction in my career. I would highly recommend this programme.

The Career Returners Coaching Programme was an invaluable part of my experience in returning to work. The support I received allowed me to rebuild my confidence and make the most of the opportunities available to me on the returnship. It also played a crucial role in helping me to navigate some of the inevitable challenges, with practical roadmaps and solutions. I am truly grateful to have had this guidance and support

Thank you for your support during the last 6 months, the coaching that covered the topics I didn’t even know I might need to discuss with my manager, the support in building relationships and the constant reminder to not lose myself in the work turmoil. I’m extremely grateful for this. This coaching programme is always going to stay in my heart as a turning point in my career and a constant reminder that I can achieve anything, only the sky is the limit.

One of the best things about the returner programme has been the coaching support provided from [Career] Returners. By addressing my concerns and doubts, my coach empowered me to go through the adaptation process smoothly and confidently.

The coaching provided has helped me to become emotionally and mentally strong and to look at my break in a positive way. This program has guided us to put on our best show even when we are under pressure and how to make the best use of our time.

Best, most practically useful coaching I have ever received in any environment, work or educational."

What are the aims of our Career Returners Coaching Programme?

  • Our proven, insight-led Career Returners Coaching Programme has been specifically tailored to address the practical and psychological challenges faced by professionals of all genders re-entering the workforce through a returner programme.
  • The Programme was developed based on:
    • Our unmatched experience of supporting returners, having worked with over four thousand career returners from the start of their return-to-work journey to the point at which they have successfully transitioned back into the workforce;
    • Our in-depth understanding of psychology and coaching;
    • Our knowledge and experience of working at senior levels in a variety of businesses

Why invest in external coaching support?

  • The coaching facilitates a more rapid re-integration into the corporate environment, increases the contribution and the satisfaction of the returners and maximises the likelihood of successful permanent hires.
  • The use of external coaches who have worked on other returner programmes, and who understand the career break world, encourages an open and honest sharing of experiences and a normalisation of problems faced. The group coaching workshop format (where relevant) enhances the peer support of the cohort and strengthens network links.

How is the coaching structured?

  • The Career Returners Coaching Programme has four stages, mirroring the transition stages when re-entering the workforce: Prepare | Explore | Integrate | Launch
  • The Returner Coaching Programme can be delivered for a cohort – through four half-day group workshops – or for individual returner hires – through four 90 minute coaching sessions


“The coaching was exceptionally good. It was very well thought out and delivered in an understanding and empathetic way with a focus on practical and positive ways to approach returning to work.”

“The coaching workshops were particularly useful in helping me to understand the company perspective and to develop professionally”  

“[With Career] Returners providing sound advice and great coaching support, the transition to back to full time work was made to feel almost seamless”

“I gained much more than I imagined possible. The coaching helped me to define myself and to find strengths that I didn’t realise I had. I am more self-aware than I was before”