Return to Work Coaching Support

Our team of qualified coaches have supported many women in your position to get back to work, overcoming both the psychological and the practical barriers that career returners face.

Is your return-to-work lacking clarity and focus?
Are you thinking about changing careers to better fit your interests and/or your family life?
Are you feeling low in confidence when you consider your return to work options?
Are you wondering how to write your post-break CV or to tackle interviews?
Are you feeling nervous and unprepared for your return to a new role?


Our team of qualified and experienced coaches have supported thousands of people in your position to get back to work, overcoming both the psychological and the practical barriers that career returners face. Our coaches are all highly experienced in working with returners and are well aware of both the challenges and rewards of returning to work after a long break.

Our most popular coaching programmes are listed below. We can also support you with coaching on other topics such as building your self-belief and the process of finding a role. We will work with you to define your precise needs and select or design a programme to match. Meetings are virtual.

“My career coach was incredibly helpful in getting me to do an introspection of what exactly would make me happy at work. She asked me questions I had never thought of asking myself and got me thinking. She was extremely professional, and flexible in terms of working the sessions as per the convenience and availability of both of us. She also helped me throughout the recruitment journey and was lovely and extremely supportive. I cannot thank you enough for your unmatched support – for helping me get back to work and be happy with what I’m doing!”

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The process is flexible and depends on your particular issues. During the initial introductory discussion we will identify whether this three-stage process meets your needs or whether an alternative programme would be more beneficial. It is sometimes possible to include CV preparation within the Return to Work package, depending on how you wish to use the time provided and how clear you already are about what you’re offering and what you want.

Please note that career coaching is a collaborative process and, to be effective, requires your commitment to devote time to post-meeting reflection and action such as home assignments between meetings. Your coach will act as a guide and a sounding board. For the coaching to have significant impact, it is important for you to take your own notes and take responsibility for making positive changes to your life.

For Return to Work Coaching, meetings are usually arranged at intervals of at least two weeks to provide you with time to reflect and complete the home assignments. They are usually between 1.5 and 2 hours in length. Depending where you are based and if we can match you with a coach in a nearby location, the meetings may take place face to face. Alternatively, meetings may take place by phone or via Skype/Zoom. 

NB: Please note that in order to keep coaching costs as low as possible we cannot usually offer private meeting room space but will be able to suggest a suitably appropriate venue for any face-to-face coaching to take place. Alternatively, we can organise a private meeting room at extra cost (usually about £25 per hour) if you prefer.

If you decide to commit to coaching, you will start with a free 20-30 minute introductory telephone or Skype conversation with your coach to discuss what you hope to achieve from the programme, to answer any of your questions and to discuss practicalities. This is also an opportunity for you and your coach to decide if you are happy to work together.

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