Joanna Campbell-Meiklejohn has had a varied career, spanning different sectors and countries. She spent the first part of her career working in Corporate and Investment Banking and after her second child, decided to leave banking and return to the UK to spend time with her young family. During this period, she set up and ran a successful property business in the Cotswolds where she lived which gave her a whole host of additional transferable skills and experience.

However, during COVID and the slowdown in this sector, she took the opportunity to rethink what she wanted to do professionally and decided to retrain as a financial planner through the St James Place Financial Adviser Academy.

In our conversation, Joanna talks about the importance of reflecting on what’s important to you professionally and talking that through with others – to get clearer on what your options are and how you can go about exploring them.

We chat through the mental barriers we often create for ourselves and the need to tackle those head-on so that they don’t stop us from taking action, “You’ve done it before, you can do it again. These skills don’t go anywhere. They are embedded… they do come back to you, and you have to trust yourself.

Hear how Joanna navigated a career change and successfully began her next career chapter as a qualified financial planner. 

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