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St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy Career Change Programme

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Location: UK-wide

Start date: Rolling application. Programme runs every month.

Opportunity: Financial Adviser Career Change Programme

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Retraining opportunity

St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy is a fully funded, financially supported, award-winning training programme designed specifically for those returning to the workplace or wanting to change careers.

After a career break, it’s natural to find that your priorities might have changed a bit since you first entered the workplace. And with all the choices available and lack of time it can be daunting to make the next move.

How often do you come across the opportunity to retrain completely for free, particularly when you’ve had a career-break?

They know your skillset continues to grow even after you leave employment. Their award-winning, first-of-its-kind Academy is specifically designed for second careerists. Your return to work couldn’t be simpler.

After a career break, it’s natural to find that your priorities might’ve changed a bit since you first entered the world of work. St. James’s Place (SJP) is here to help you figure out what those priorities are now and whether these align with their programme and values.

Are you looking for something with flexibility without impacting earnings potential? Becoming a financial adviser with SJP enables you to work full-time, and manage your own diary, where and when you work.

Why Financial Advice?

The Guardian newspaper recently published research revealing that women currently own 48% of Britain’s wealth and are predicted to own 60% within two years. This indicates the importance of financially educating women, both as a population and as professionals.

There is a shortage of around 50,000 Financial Advisers in the UK due to an ageing workforce. This will leave behind a huge number of clients on top of the estimated 13 million people in the UK who are in need financial advice, providing a huge opportunity. There has never been a better time for anyone looking to retrain or re-enter the UK workforce – especially women.

What is the Financial Advisor Academy?

It’s much harder to teach the soft skills you need to be a good adviser than the need-to-knows of SJP’s options for clients. They’re changing the way the UK views financial advisers. In their experience women make fantastic financial advisers as they have a natural inquisitiveness, emotional intelligence, as well as a great network.

Their 4 Term Programme will refine your transferable skills and provide you with all the knowledge and training needed to become a successful financial adviser.

You can start seeing clients from 3 – 6 months , but the support does not stop there, whether you have previous financial services experience of the industry or not.

You will graduate fully qualified with a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Advice, first-hand experience advising clients and the opportunity to launch your own business or join an existing SJP Practice as an Adviser. You’ll also receive support, both financial and educational, during your studies as you develop the skills you need to scale your business and career.

The Academy is here to support your growth as both a professional and a person. They are passionate about creating advisers who love what they do, and careers that add value to their daily lives. To learn more about the terms in greater detail click here

They understand that returning to work can be daunting. Catherine and Zohul have each faced similar challenges and share their experiences with you today.

Catherine Sanderson:

Catherine made the transition from teacher to financial adviser due to experiencing poor work/life balance in her previous role. She used the skills she obtained from her years as a teacher not just to excel in the Academy, but to advise clients daily. Catherine’s career change proves that you do not need experience within the industry to become a great adviser, you need to be able to connect with others and offer support, just like a teacher!

Click here to listen to Catherine’s career change: From teaching to Financial advice

Zohul Malikzada:

Zohul, took a break from her career in banking to start a family, but was keen to continue her professional development while also being able to raise her children. She found the flexibility available in the role of a Financial Adviser enabled her to spend time with her family while also achieving her ambitious professional dreams.

Click here to hear more about Zohul

And you can find several other similar stories through the link below:

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Why SJP?

SJP advises more than 958,000 clients on investments and all aspects of financial services. Their products and services range from investment advice to pension planning, mortgages, and income protection to later-life care and financial wellbeing.

SJP is one of the UK’s largest advice-led wealth management companies. They advise their clients through their 4,834-strong Partnership of qualified financial advisers. Money is involved in almost every major decision we make about our lives, our lifestyles, and our future. So their advisers are here to build longstanding relationships so clients can confidently make the right financial decisions to live life the way you imagine.

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