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Liz Mearns

Deputy Head of Coaching

I am an experienced executive and leadership coach for women. I spent 15 years in Financial Services working with clients across a variety of sectors including Sainsbury’s Bank, The AA, Mercedes-Benz, Manchester City FC and the NHS. I am a fully qualified Corporate & Executive Coach, Personal Development Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. What this means in practice is that I’m really good at working deeper with clients on issues which are common for women such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism and confidence. My skill is to gently dig out and help reshape the limitations which hold us back. I took a career break to have my family and realised first-hand how confidence and self-belief can falter during this special but testing time. During this time, I worked with a female focused charity to help mums with their wellbeing and mental health and I also set up my own coaching business to help women to get back into work and utilise their talents and power to best effect.