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Nilima’s Story: Returning to Consulting at FDM [Archive]

Nilima Dusaj

Nilima Dusaj, Returning to Consulting with FDM (5 year career break)

Before joining the FDM Tech Returners Programme, I was looking after my family, and enrolled onto several courses to upskill my technical knowledge. My career break lasted over 5 years. After the birth of my daughter, I took a maternity break and relocated from Singapore to London. Once I had settled into the UK, I began looking for a fresh job opportunity. The pandemic then hit, shutting down business.

I faced many challenges whilst attempting to return to work. I applied to several jobs which matched my work experience but had no response from recruiters. CV reviews were also unsuccessful and led to no further success. It then became obvious that the problem was not my experience but rather the career gap itself. Talking to recruiters or HR individuals was no help. Nothing changed until a friend told me all about the FDM Returners Programme.

The FDM training adheres to a high standard of quality and enhances both your professional and technical skills. The modules are well-designed, and the assignments are very helpful, whilst the trainers are supportive and have an in-depth knowledge of their subject. There was a lot of collaboration with my colleagues throughout the programme, which helped me regain my communicative skills. I enhanced my confidence and expanded my knowledge of technology – allowing me to become a JAVA developer, with previous experience as a manual tester.

I am now placed with an established financial institution and believe that FDM acts as the bridge between your career gap and returning to the workplace. The fact that the training was fully remote meant that I could look after my daughter, whilst preparing to return to the world of work. I saved a huge amount of time and was able to take care of both professional and personal responsibilities.

In short, I was lost in the ocean until I was rescued and nurtured by FDM. I feel so grateful to all the people who helped me along the way.