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Ann’s Story: Returning to Consulting at EY

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Ann took a career break to be available to her family, which included caring for an elderly relative who could no longer manage safely in her home.

“It turned into managing the complete clearing and renovation of a house to fund the care arrangements,” says Ann.

After a break of 3 years, Ann decided it was time to return to work.

“I wanted to be able to earn money doing the type of work that I love, which is business analysis. However, I also wanted the opportunity to be part-time, as I had previously worked full-time on contracts as a Business Analyst and after a while had found it difficult to juggle all my priorities.

“I found it very helpful to reach out to friends and colleagues to explain the type of work I was looking for,” continues Ann. It was through one of these contacts that Ann found out about EY’s Reconnect programme.

“My colleague showed me the advert and I thought it was worth applying. Right from the start the EY reconnect team were extremely friendly, and this continued throughout the process – each interview was with an approachable person in the business who presented EY in a very good light.

“I felt that the recruitment team had my interests at heart. Even though the process took some time, they kept me fully updated throughout.”

So began Ann’s journey back into the workplace. How has it been for her so far?

“EY Reconnect has been a major highlight! It’s a very well organised and thought-through programme of support, with other participants also being a great source of friendship and encouragement.

“After the 3-month programme, I was encouraged to move to a 4-day week to meet my flexible working needs. The Reconnect team have remained supportive throughout.”

And what advice does Ann give to anyone considering a return to work via EY Reconnect?

“Do it! I’ve been fortunate to be so supported by flexible working arrangements. Of course no two participants will have the same experience and not every team is aware of work-life balance issues, so it’s important to decide whether it’s going to be right for you.”

Final words of wisdom:

“If you like a challenge and you like to learn a lot in a short space of time, this could be right for you. It is a great opportunity for getting back into the workplace after a break.”