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Free online courses to support your return to work

If you’re looking to boost your skills and knowledge ready to return to work, and don’t have much money to spare, then a free online course could be just what you need. We have compiled a list of some relevant courses to help you to feel prepared for your return to work. Don’t forget to also look at any CPD courses that are provided by relevant industry associations.
If there is one skill that would improve both your chances of finding fulfilling work, and improve your success when in your new role, then networking is it.  This course by Future Learn aims to help you build and sustain your professional relationships to open up career opportunities: Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking
Public speaking
TED is an excellent source of free-to-watch online videos that cover nearly every aspect of your professional life. This playlist collated by TED shares many innovative ideas for great public speaking: Playlist Before Public Speaking
Computer Skills
Microsoft is still king in corporate environments. Luckily there is an abundance of free courses to help you get back up to date with any of the changes since you last had to pull together a spreadsheet. If you are looking to learn Excel as fast as possible ready, this great course from Udemy takes just 1 hour! Online course provider, Alison, has many courses published by Microsoft themselves including Excel, Word and Outlook: Microsoft Courses on Alison
Many companies have now moved over to Google for the majority of their applications. This includes Google Docs, Blogger, Gmail, Analytics and Adsense. Have a look at Google Courses on Alison. Other free sources of tech updating include:

  • The Digital Garage – free Google training in digital skills & social media
  • Udacity – tech skills from Silicon Valley companies
  • – a wide range of online tech and other skills courses (paid but often has 30-days-free offers)


University Courses

If you want to learn about a specialised subject or to update your knowledge in your professional field, then free MOOCs (massive open online courses) are a great place to look:

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