Resources for Scientists and Researchers

Professional bodies with re-entry programmes

Professional associations and networks

Most societies offer reduced membership rates for people on a career break. The Society of Biology offers a 50% discount, the Society for General Microbiology offers full concessionary membership for those with an academic or professional interest in microbiology earning less than £35,000 (or equivalent) per year.

Some also offer bursaries to attend scientific conferences and events, updating both networks & knowledge.

Strategic Volunteering

Other resources

  • Returners’ Guide to Research (UK): Published by Wellcome Trust to support people returning to research career
  • Reboot Your STEM Career: Interactive toolkit  to help STEM professionals to relaunch their career after a break
  • Returning to STEM: Free online course specifically designed to encourage people that have taken a career break back into STEM based roles.

Success stories

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