This episode is dedicated to our much-missed colleague Liz Mason, Women Returners Client Director from 2018, who died suddenly in February 2022.

Juhi is an experienced Technology Consultant. Having spent her early career working in technology roles in India, she relocated to the UK in 2010, continuing her career at the same international company. Juhi decided to seek out more flexibility, and after a period of consulting, she took a three-year career break to spend more time with her young son. 

She credits this time with equipping her with many transferable skills including boosting her communication skills and problem-solving ability, key areas which have been immensely valuable on her return to work. 

In our conversation, Juhi talks about the importance of self-belief as you return to work, something which was boosted after attending London Business School’s Returner Event (organised by Liz Mason in a previous role). Here, Juhi heard different women discussing the ‘game changing’ emotional and other benefits of returning to work. 

“If you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will. You’ve got to feel from within that you can do it … otherwise it’s not going to work.” 

Hear how Juhi navigated her own return to work as an analyst through Fidelity’s New Horizons Returner Programme in 2019, how her professional confidence has soared over the last few years and how she has continued to protect precious family time.  

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