Adriana Ennab enjoyed a varied and successful career in investment banking, working in New York, London and Tokyo in her early career. She took a 16 year career break from banking during which time she not only brought up her 3 children but also seized the opportunity to set up her own businesses, enjoy higher education again as well as explore other interests such as the arts, yoga and drumming!

But after 16 years away from investment banking, Adriana began to miss her old professional career and looked for ways to return. She found her route back in via Credit Suisse’s Returner programme ‘Real Returns’, and encouraged to explore different opportunities during the programme, she moved into a new area in public policy. Six years later, Adriana’s career has continued to flourish and she is now Director of Public Policy with a strong advocacy focus on Digital and Innovation areas.  “Understand it is never a straight path. And the best outcomes that I’ve had is because I did not say this is how I wanted to be”.

Hear Adriana’s inspiring story and how as a strong believer in championing other women, she also mentors other women returners joining Credit Suisse, and helps them to navigate their own return to work.

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