Tech ReCharge Cross-Company Returner Programme

We are launching a NEW Tech ReCharge Cross-Company Returner Programme, bringing together employers in the tech sector to provide a supported route back to mid-to-senior roles for these high-calibre tech professionals.

This is a great way to pilot a small-scale returner programme in a lower-cost way, with the benefit of a larger programme structure and publicity. You’ll also be supporting a programme with the bigger social purpose of increasing returner-inclusive hiring in the UK tech sector.

About the Programme

The Tech ReCharge Cross-Company Returner Programme 2024 is aimed at employers in the UK tech sector. The 6-month returnship provides experienced professionals who have taken career breaks of 18 months or more with a supported route back to mid-to-senior level roles.

We will partner with participating organisations to design, promote, support and manage the programme. Returner hires will take on a real job in one of the participating firms. They will benefit from our Career Returners Coaching Programme as a cohort and will enjoy being part of a cross-company returner peer group.

We’ll be using a proven model which has been highly successful in other sectors. Our largest cross-company programme, in partnership with the Diversity Project in the Investment Sector, has grown year-on-year since 2020 with a 2023 conversion rate of 92%.

How the Programme will benefit your organisation

Employers will benefit from our expertise and guidance, alongside Employer Toolkits, Returner Inclusive Recruitment Training, Interviewer and Line Manager Briefing Sessions and ongoing programme support. As the programme will be designed with a cross-company structure, participating organisations will also benefit from a collaborative forum with other organisations.

The Programme provides employers the opportunity to attract high calibre and experienced returner talent, to increase diversity of gender, age and experience and to address skills gaps within your organisation.

How to find out more

The April 2024 programme is now underway. If you are interested in finding out more about future programmes, or if you have any questions, please email Hazel Little on

About Career Returners

Career Returners (previously Women Returners) is a purpose-led organisation solely focused on enabling the return to work of professionals after an extended career break. We pioneered the introduction of returnships into Europe in 2014, created the supported hiring concept and developed Career Returner Coaching. We have partnered with over 170 employers to deliver a wide variety of returner solutions and events. We have extensive experience working within the Tech sector: partnering with employer organisations on returner programmes, as well as delivering a UK Government funded employability support programmes, STEM ReCharge. We also run the free Career Returners Professional Network of over 9,000 high-calibre individuals on long career break, centred on UK and Ireland.