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"I don't think I would have been as successful without the career break" with Yemi Morgan-Raiwe

Career Returners Podcast – Episode #4

31st March 2021

Yemi Morgan-Raiwe is an experienced strategic project manager with a background in engineering. After relocating from Nigeria to the UK in 2001, Yemi moved into economic development and built a fulfilling career working in regeneration. She took a 5 year career break to look after an elderly relative and to foster, and also took the opportunity whilst on her career break to set up her own organic food manufacturing business! But after a few years, she realised that as good as she was at making food, her sales skills did not match up, and the time was right to look to return to her former career.

However, Yemi found that the gap on her CV had become a barrier to finding work, and after a number of months out of work, found that this had began to take a real toll on her mental health. And then by chance, Yemi came across an e-newsletter from Enfield Council where she learned of their Returner Programme, and happily Yemi’s return to work journey began to take shape. When she saw the role offered, she felt that “It was everything that I wanted to do, everything that I like to do and everything that I was good at doing”. Four years later, and Yemi is flourishing back at work at Enfield Council, managing a project to build 10,000 homes for people to live and thrive.

Hear how Yemi found her way back to work, conquered her doubts and found her sense of purpose again through her work, “It was like coming home because the work I was supposed to be doing finally aligned with my values.”

If you need support with your mental health, see Mind for where to seek help

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