Claire Neuman is an experienced banking and consulting leader with a background in Financial Services, Commercial Banking and Financial Technology, built over her years working in Asia and the US.

Married to a diplomat, living and working in different countries has become an intrinsic part of Claire’s life. Over the course of her career, Claire has taken 2 career breaks after the birth of each of her children and in 2020, she successfully returned to work in New York through the J.P. Morgan global ReEntry Program.

A key theme emerging from our conversation with Claire is the importance of aligning your interests and values with an organisation that shares those values. Hear Claire talk about the importance of organisational culture to her and in particular one that values diversity and inclusion, “It’s so important to have a fit between what your personal values are and where you’re going to end up working – if there isn’t that fit, then it’s just not going to work”. Claire also shares some very valuable tips about staying up-to-date during a career break, the practical steps she took as she planned her return to work, and the milestone checks she set for herself to acknowledge her progress and keep moving forward.

Click here for more info about the J.P. Morgan global ReEntry Program 2023 – applications are open until 28 January 2023.

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