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Bank of England Career Returners Programme

The Bank has partnered with Women Returners since 2018 to offer returners supported routes back to work. They are committed to offering the training, support and tailored working options you need to potentially build a lasting and impactful career within the Bank.

Annual returnship

  • The Career Returners Programme offers a paid placement of 6 months, and the possibility of a permanent role at the end of the assignment
  • Returners join in a cohort and receive support including training, mentoring and coaching from Women Returners
  • 94% of participants were offered permanent roles in the first two years of the programme
  • They offer roles across various areas of the Bank: Prudential Regulation Authority; Financial Stability Strategy & Risk; Monetary Analysis; Technology Directorate; Legal Directorate
  • Roles are normally located in the Bank’s London offices at Threadneedle Street 
  • Flexible working options are available, including part-time working

Supported Hiring

  • The Bank also invites returners applications for some of its permanent roles, from time to time
  • If a returner is successful, they join on a ‘supported hire’ basis and receive full support, including the Women Returners coaching programme during the first few months of their role.
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Working for a worthwhile cause

The Bank of England is the UK’s central bank. It is a public body and the issues they deal with affect everyone. 

The Bank’s mission is to promote the good of the people by maintaining monetary and financial stability. The Bank’s monetary policy objective is to deliver price stability and, subject to that, to support the Government’s economic objectives including those for growth and employment.

Working at the heart of the economy they are world-class specialists in economics, supervision, risk, and finance. 

Find out more about what the Bank of England does and learn more about the variety of work across the Bank.

Melissa Janvier – Returner Experience

My career break was meant to be 2-3 years, but it lasted 5 years. During, the last 2 years I began searching for work but I found it challenging. 

I wanted a job where I felt I could have work-life balance. I had a few interviews, and even attended networking events and workshops, but nothing materialized. I felt I had transferable skills to offer an employer but I wondered whether they could see past my career break. I had prior experience in government and previously worked for a global bank as an Assistant General Counsel. I applied for many positions, just to get my foot back in the door. However, after countless rejections, I began to feel discouraged. 

One day, a friend told me about the Women Returners’ website. The Women Returners’ vision for women wanting to return to work after a career break was such a welcomed perspective. On the website, I noticed the Bank of England Career Returner job opportunity, along with many other opportunities for returners. The feedback in my immediate circle of friends was that the Bank of England was an employer that truly supported flexible working. I applied and was selected for an interview. 

The next thing I remembered was the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and excitement when I received an offer. Not only did I have this wonderful job offer, but I also had the support to help with the transition. 

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An unique working environment

The Bank offers the opportunity to work in a dynamic fast paced environment at the cutting edge of market developments. As a place of work, the Bank feels different from most other organisations. The atmosphere is relaxed but professional, research-driven and also very much connected to real events in the economy. 

While organisations in the private sector are focused primarily on profits, the ultimate objectives for the Bank are always the quality of thinking and the rigour of analysis. This makes for an unusually satisfying place to develop your career. The issues they deal with on a daily basis are often in the news headlines, and have implications for everyone in the country. For many of their people, this sense of contributing to the public good is one of the most rewarding aspects of working there.

The environment is extraordinary too: a historic building located in the heart of the City, which combines rich tradition with up-to-date technology and facilities. Just as importantly, they have a strong culture of support that exists within each of their teams and across the organisation as a whole. 

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