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Jane’s story: Returning to Financial Services

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Jane spent sixteen years working in the City, initially as a new Issues Trader before progressing through into Secondary Sales Trading and Brokering. During this time Jane acquired both a comprehensive understanding of the markets and experience of how to interact with and sell to the right people. In order to operate successfully within this environment, it was vital for her to have great interpersonal skills to build and sustain commercial relationships.

After the birth of her first child and the problems she experienced trying to obtain childcare, Jane left the City and decided to set up her own Nanny Agency business. The venture prospered and Jane sold it as a going concern.  She then trained as an Image Consultant offering consultations privately and to executives about the importance of first impressions and how they represent the company for whom they work.

Jane heard about E2W through school gate chatter and decided to apply.  E2W is founded on the creation of a flexible working environment with a focus on work-life balance. It allows people to continue a career that they are passionate about and at the same time fulfil the other important roles in their lives whether family, study or other business commitments.  E2W provides employment for a group of highly qualified financial services professionals who would otherwise be lost to the economy.  They left their employment in the City as they felt  excluded from the major financial institutions because these firms could not offer them the work-life integration they needed.

In her current role at E2W, Jane uses her experience and soft skills to extract and capture valuable information, analyzing and translating data captured into readable reports that help drive her client’s product development, thought leaderships insights and sales activities. Jane’s success in this role and her value to her client are evidenced by E2W’s increased global footprint with the client, a large global organization.

I have been very fortunate to have an incredibly varied career and have built up a background knowledge across a number of different sectors. I have always greatly enjoyed building relationships and taking the time to speak with clients to formulate solutions that work for their business.  My own personal experience of running businesses means that I understand first-hand the importance of nurturing relationships and delivering results.

I am a passionate person who likes to apply this enthusiasm to every aspect of my life. If my diverse background has taught me anything it is to be all things to all people, and this philosophy has definitely helped me to build great relationships with my clients. Personally the model at E2W works brilliantly as I am able to spend time with my children and still attend to my other business commitments while continuing to build a career in financial services.”