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Adele’s Story: STEM ReCharge Programme


Adele White (5.5 year career break) 

“It’s a lonely place when looking to return to work and really valuable to meet others who are on the same journey,”
Adele, from the South Midlands, had 15 years’ experience in international environmental consultancy, before taking a break of nearly six years to care for her three children and elderly parents. During this time, she gained several transferable skills when she was elected to serve as a hospital trust governor and in her role on the committee who successfully litigated in a diesel emissions lawsuit.

With a change in her family circumstances, including her children growing up, Adele found herself with less pressure and caring responsibilities at home. She found herself missing the world of work, especially the intellectual and social aspects. However, she realised she didn’t want to go back to her previous role and looked to identify her transferable skills and do something else.

However, she has still found the return-to-work journey tough. The STEM ReCharge programme has allowed Adele to connect with other returners and gave her confidence and motivation about going back into the workplace. She feels in a much stronger place than 6 months ago with the structure and motivation to return.