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Q&A with Macquarie Group: An employer’s perspective on a returner programme

Julianne from Women Returners interviewed Fiona Griffin, Division Director at Macquarie Asset
Management to get the employer’s perspective on the benefits of running a returnship programme.
Macquarie Group has recently launched the new Macquarie Returner Programme in the UK. What is your motivation for running a returner programme?
We recognise that there’s a significant pool of highly
qualified, experienced professionals who are looking for the right opportunity
to get back into the workforce. By having a structured programme specifically
designed for that purpose, we hope to facilitate a successful return that
brings benefits to both Macquarie and the individual concerned. It’s also
important to demonstrate to our existing people that we value the investments
they make in their careers. A career break doesn’t mean the end of your career
with Macquarie, for many it can represent a new opportunity.
How does the Returner Programme fit with your other diversity initiatives?
Our commitment is to create and promote a diverse and
inclusive workplace for everyone. The Returner Programme fits in perfectly with
this. We recognise that the diversity of our people is fundamental to our
success. Testament to that are the four employee network groups that were
started by our people in EMEA. Each works on a different area of inclusion–
Balance – which promotes gender balance in the workforce; Pride – supporting
LGBT people and their allies; Engage – for those who are multilingual; as well
as a network for Parents and Carers.
What can participants expect from the Returner Programme?
The programme aims to show a Returner what it’s like to
own their career – something Macquarie people are expected to do on a daily
basis. If it’s a concept they enjoy, then participants will hopefully apply for
roles based on a deeper understanding of what it is like to work at Macquarie.
The programme is full time for 12 weeks and is designed to fit into the school
term. We believe in providing a positive environment for our people, which
is illustrated in all the additional benefits as part of our programme. Participants
are assigned to one of our business groups and given a mentor from that area. They will receive specialised group coaching support from Women Returners to aid their return to work, and there will be an opportunity to take part in various networking opportunities, gaining exposure to senior leaders across the entire group. My Family Care support and emergency backup care can also be provided, if it is required. At the end of the programme, participants will be eligible to be considered for a permanent role.
What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
If you have been contemplating a return to work after a
career break, this is a wonderful opportunity to get back into the workplace,
refresh your knowledge and confidence and re-engage. Change can be good – take
the opportunity.
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