Women Returners is delighted to have been awarded additional funding from the Scottish Government to deliver the Women Returners Career Boost Scotland Programme in 2022/23.  Please note the Career Boost Programme is now full.

The Career Boost Scotland Programme will:

  • Provide a Career Boost Coaching and Skills Training Programme for returners in Scotland (live for applications)
  • Deliver a Career Boost Mentoring Programme for returners in Scotland (live for mentor registrations)
  • Deliver a cross-company returner programme in Scotland (further details to follow)

Returners in Scotland: The Career Boost Scotland Programme with free coaching, skills training and mentoring is now open for applications! To find out more about this fantastic opportunity to kick-start your return click here.

“Getting back to work after a career break can be incredibly daunting. Thank goodness for the Women Returners Career Boost Programme. Meeting other returners and having the support of Women Returners make you feel less alone. The useful sessions were engaging, relevant, well-structured and thought provoking. I felt clearer on steps I needed to take to help me find a flexible employer.” Career Boost Participant.

Potential Mentors: If you are UK-based and a currently employed or recently retired experienced professional who is interested in mentoring a returner, see here for more details on registering as a Return to Work Mentor.

“I find mentoring incredibly fulfilling because it allows me to share my learnings and empower returners who often get stuck and seem unable to see clearly the wide variety of skills and attributes they can bring to the table. A simple conversation can turn a negative perspective into a brilliant one. This is not just a discovery journey for the mentee, but an incredible journey for the mentor.” Anna Strillacci, Career Boost Return-to-Work Mentor.

The Women Returners Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Skills Development Scotland.